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Reasons why women should masturbate ?

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We all have the notion that men always do the dirty deeds like they are the more pervy or horny ones. But sometimes, women feel those "needy" urges especially if we dont have a partner to do it so.

So, here comes the masturbation. Some will deny these acts of course, acting so innocent that they dont do it, but masturbating has actually good effects for your body and just for sexual gratification:P 

So, lets enumerate some of those benefits:)

1. Lose weight- It is really satisfying once you orgasm after playing yourself, but did you know that you are also losing some calories?

We lose around 6-7 calories per minute.:) So basically, we lose around 80-90 calories per 15 minutes of session. It is like going to the gym and in a month you can lose a lot( depends on the frequency of the activity of course:P)

2. Less stress- Try playing after a stressful day or losing from Primedice, you will feel great or relieved after. An orgasm, releases endorphin that helps quell anxiety and stress.

3. Helps you sleep faster- Of course, after that tiring activity, it gives you a relaxing feeling that improves sleep quality.

4. You will become more confident- Masturbating helps you know your own sexuality and how you orgasm, and you will love your body more.

5. Increases libido- It will increase your sexual fantasies so the next guy will be so lucky :P

6. Toning- it also tones your butt and thigh muscles! So masturbating is an overall good for your body, mind and spirit?


There are a lot more benefits if you only know but I will not list all those I know as this will get more akward, but you got the idea:) :P

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Oh damn hahaha😊 flashback during my higshchool had a sexy math teachear, when she sit in from of us we can view her white panties and  boom boys pants get tights😊 then one by one ask for excuses for stomack ache wahahaha..maybe she knew it that we masturbate in toilletes,coz after a while some boys are fall asleep.wahahaha😊

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