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"Or" Game

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Hi, everyone, I have some games to have fun here in the forum, I hope you like it.

I'm brazilian and  I do not speak English very well, all the time i have to use the translate.google kkkkkkkkk i hope that you dont care. But I like to relate to you every day that passes. I learn a lot. And like all the guys that who welcomed here very well. Here in Brazil we have a lot of games for fun and hobbie. And i want to show all thoses for you. Want to can show a little of our culture for you.

Ok, i talk a lot, lets go:

Start with a simple game called "Or"

It is easy, I will publish two related words and you will only have to choose one, justify simply why and publish two new words related to the next answer need to do the same thing, choose one, say the why and publish two more words and so the game follows: D

Let me give you a small example here:

Q:cake or pie?

Next user:

Answer: Cake, more tasty :D

Q: Coffee or Tea?

Next user:

Answer: i can't drink coffee anymore :/

Cat or Dog?

Next user:

Answer: Dog, i have cats but they make me crazy kkkkkkk

And keep going. Understand?

I hope you like this, and we can play together

First Words:

Lord of the Rings OR Harry Potter?

UPDATE:  when you answer you need to left more two options to next player choose, please.




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u need to post another 2 words

Lets go

Cinema or Netlix?

15 minutes ago, Britto said:

harry, specs guys are sexi cute

u need to post other 2 words to question

@Irena @Noahbreezy @hui @nytewind @jbenjaminy @Kurian @GhettoBlaste @Zoltan @maverick528@athena2007 @Mistletoe

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Boobs of course but didn't someone just get upset for me doing this? #feminism 


Lose your arm or Lose a Leg?


(am I playing right? otherwise just "arm or Leg" and it can be about chicken or something,..idk...)

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16 hours ago, fabianabank said:

its alright

Lose my leg, i need more my arms and hands xD 



Brasil, I wanna hit the Carnival in Rio one day :$

Football or basketball? :P

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12 hours ago, nytewind said:

Football.. basketball seems less painful....


Skydiving or Bunjee Jumping?

Why is "less painful" one discarded? Splain? xD 

8 hours ago, Kurian said:

naked or half naked ??? xDxD 

Watching half-naked dancers while dressed herself, ktnx! :P:D 

5 hours ago, fabianabank said:

Naked, cuz is the same of half neked xD


Poker or Uno?


Uno, I love playing that one and annoying opponents :P 

Batman or Superman? 

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