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Skinny guys problem

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Hi all, I'm sharing my experience here and how I transformed my shape from skinny to athletic type body.

I understand that many would say, "wow, I wish I have that problem" when you tell them you're trying to gain weight; that you've been eating a sack per day of whatever food you want and don't gain weight at all.  

I am one of those people with very fast metabolism; those people that are naturally skinny (usually). Those people that whatever and how much we try, we don't gain weight at all like others. I know most of the girls would prefer this, but this sucks for us guys as we all want to be massive, buff or athletic that will make us look tough (at least if not like those models we see in magazines).

Like what most other guys do, I hit the gym, asked so many friends and tried their diet, protein shakes they are drinking and the workout routines they've been doing. - None of them worked for me. 

TLDR, not because it works to others, it will work for you too. Their body built is not like ours. They don't have fast metabolism like us. 

What I did was; 

  1. Eat
  2. Eat
  3. Eat
  4. Exercise
  5. Sleep


That's right. All I had to do was to eat, exercise and have enough sleep. "But that's what I've been doing too!"; I hear you. I learned that our shape is the output of what we are eating and the activities we are doing in combination of your body type/built. Meaning, the amount of food you are eating today is just enough to maintain your current shape. What does that mean? you have to increase the amount you are eating more and quit those activities that burns the calories in your body.

In my experience, I promised myself to eat or look for anything to eat every 2hrs. It doesn't have to be a heavy meal; any food. Literally. Any food. Don't think about the diet yet. Your goal is to gain weight so just stuff your mouth whatever you can get. Every 2 hours.

I did that for like 2 months, in combination of exercise and of course enough sleep to have the strength you will need for the routines, and I finally started to see the result. I gained weight! 

It was hell at first for your stomach because it is not used to eat more than what you eating currently; I had to stuff my mouth with foods even if feel like throwing up already for being full. But eventually, I got used to it. My stomach got used to looking for something to eat every 2hrs and started gaining weight. Then all I had to do was to hit the gym to make sure that those masses  will turn into muscles and not fats.

It was a hell of an experience, discipline and most especially what a burnout in my wallet, but Im glad I did it. It boosted my self confidence and overcome I'm insecurities.

Hope my experience would be a help to other naturally skinny guys out there who are trying to gain weight.



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My friend, this diet varies from person to person, there are some people who eat food throughout the day and it does not increase their weight at all, it is highly related to heredity, there are types of food that must be focused on to gain weight, such as potatoes, alcohol free beer , and starches, without neglecting meat ، vegetables and fruits.

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