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Update : they launched the V1 today

The main new feature is that you can now exchange and withdraw Bitcore, Potcoin and Peercoin.

The second one is a gifts page. You can use your sats and crystals to buy some lottery tickets. Each time a round is finished they will took winners in the pool of participants.

So for example if you want to win a Smart Watch you need to but tickets at the price of 128 sats or 109 crystals and each 17 days there will be a lottery. The gits are (for now) : smart watch, gaming headset, gaming mouse, VR headset, earphone, keychain, ... those kind of stuff. Hope that they'll add some crypto related things later.


Next week they will work on a special surprise for crossing the line of their first 100.000 users.

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Last 2 withdrawals : 25 Potcoin and 400.000 litoshis


I'm now trying to mine some Ether to see how much time it take to cross the withdraw limit of 80.000 gwei.

And little by little climbing in the Level 14 (i'm at 93% of the level 15 for now)

Link in my signature if you want to join ;)

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