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The Never Ending Story

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Hey dear fellas!

You all might know the games „Quick mind Game“ and „last letter game“. Let us say this game is not too different from these both two, which makes me confident you will like it and play it

The game itself is pretty basic. We write a story for this whole thing. Each post makes one word. The goal is to have with every sentence something that makes sense. Would be great if we would write a whole complex story in the end!

To spice things up, I came up with the idea that EACH TOPIC PAGE has its own rules. It would be boring just to randomly add words and chaining them to a never ending story.

So use some of you brainjuice you’ve granted with. For the first pages I will give you some ideas. After we are done with the given pages, every user (that has the first post on each page) has to set a new rule. Be creative. It can be anything!

Here are my rules for the first five pages:

Page one (this page):

You’re not allowed to write words with the letter A in it. Doesn’t matter if its upper- or lowercase.


Page two:

The word “The” is not allowed under any circumstances


Page three:

Just leave the word “a” out.


Page four:

On this page its not allowed to end the sentence. So no punctuation marks that would end a sentence.


Page five:

You shall not use numbers!


Go along with that rules! When page six is reached, the first poster of the page will set a new rule!

The first word:




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