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New Ideas for PD. Volume, Sounds and Backgrounds and MORE!

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I would like to suggest the following: New Roll Sound Options, Volume Options and Backgrounds!


New Sound Options: I think ti would be beneficial to a lot of users to change or add a customer rolling sounds. I am sure we all love the current sound (I call it "Robots Breathing") but after hearing it a couple thousand times in a row.. It gives me nightmares! I hear it when I'm not even on my computer. I'll be taking a shower and hear myself hitting red or green! I think it would reduce stress and allow players to get "In The Zone".

Volume Options: Pretty simple but let me explain why. I often use auto roll. I recently started to put my speakers on low while auto rolls goes So I can hear the wins while I am afk. It would be nice to raise or lower PD specifically, over other computer sounds, so we can control the loudness. As is right now i have to hope no one sends me other computer messages or i get a very large alert. I'm aware there are methods around this but for the casual user and ease of use why not have a volume bar?

Backgrounds: I LOVE the "Night Mode". I never use "Day Mode" but if i could control the exact colors shown I would use it. Depending on the time of day or my mood different colors work better. To be able to make it brighter, darker, blue, green red or anything in between would be visually appealing.


Random Ideas:

Better Chat Message System: Allowing pop up/Chat Windows /PM windows to avoid talking in chat by mistake when intended to PM. Something to keep PMs and Chat away from each other. 

More user Options: If would be nice to have more options to "Turn on or Off". Simple stuff like "Always Day Mode or Night mode". "Offline Mode" (if you want to bet without people knowing you logged on) 

Notes Section: Would be great to click on a user and leave note for that user. Maybe they owe you? Maybe they tipped you and you want to return the favor. Who knows but being able to have an in game, user specific notepad to keep notes would be very useful.

Chat Room Colors: Ability to have people on your PD friends list another color than non friend users. So you can see their messages better.



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Added More and Took more time to answer.

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21 minutes ago, 1claire said:

There are no sounds currently right? If there is. I haven't used it yet.. 



There's no sounds right now.

On Stake, they do have sound effects on games, even on Dice! 👌😉

Its just that, the design is kinda childish, unlike PD, you'll feel the heat of the rolls. Hahahaha.

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