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What is your camera and what to buy for a replacement.

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My first camera was a film camera Canon 300n I shoted 5 films  and a abandoned for a while my hobby , digital cameras  were then very expensive at  what time  . Four years later I saved up my money and bought Canon 20d with a kit lens and went to Paris the next day after the purchase. For that time, there was a great camera .  I watched the photos on the internet, and I wanted to get pictures of even better quality. This could be done with a Canon 5d Mark 2 camera  .  In one day my dream came true and I bought Canon 5d Mark II and made with it  many cool photos, but I will not anything to post here, may be in another section for photos . In this topick I  just express my thoughts about photo equipment. So, then there was one work in Kamchatka and it was necessary to collect as much money as possible on this project, it was a pity to do this  but I sold  camera and 3 lenses .

After the work in Kamchatka was completed I could afford almost any camera, of course, I did not consider medium-format DSLRs for space prices, there was no point in this. Go back to the full-matrix camera Canon 5 d mark II or I could take the already new mark III was able to, but confused one problem, this is the weight of the camera. When there was a Canon 5d mark 2  and if some kind of party was planned, I always wanted to take a camera with me, but I did not want it either because it's just heavy, almost 1 kg weighs the camera + at least 2 lenses you need to take it 1-1.8 kg, the bag itself is 1 kg and the total weight goes under 4 and even more kg.  If you carry a camera with an objective on your shoulder for an 1 hour, then it's still normal, but if more, then then it hurts both the shoulder and the back, and it turns into hard labor.

I started to study the question and look for an alternative, I learned about the new Fujifilm XT-1 camera, looked at the pictures on the Internet and I liked them, although it had a  crop  matrix, but the photos were so good, and the camera weight is only 450 grams, the lenses are just tiny, and some 2 times less than for DSLRs lenses . Plus in the camera there are all sorts of  new tehnology , electronic shutter, that is, in most cases you can use it and it will not affect the resource of the mechanical shutter, there is an electronic level, there are film profiles for different situations ,even wi-fi and you can send pictures direct to you phone in 2 second . In short, there was so much stuff. And I liked the style in which the camera is made , it looked like old camera Fujifilm and old russian camera Zenit . I  forgot to write about important functions like dust - moisture protection.  The most important thing is that jpeg from the camera is very good and in many cases it does not need processing. The new model Fujifilm XT-2 has already come out and also this series has a younger brother Fujifilm xt-10 and a new model xt-20, the prices  for new models biting, but as they say, one day, one day.

So after buying Fujifilm xt-1 with a few lenses , the photo bag did not slip from my shoulder, camera  was with me always and everywhere, it  was with me even if there was no reason to take it, since  weight was such that I sometimes forgot that camera weighs on my shoulder.  But unfortunately, too, had to sell it and all optics, since I needed money to repair the apartment. For  replace it I bought the inexpensive fujifilm xa-2.

I hope that someone will finde  it in interesting  and  this information helps to make the right choice when buying.

You can find detailed information about Fujifilm xt-1 camera on the company's website, and there information about other cameras. In the same way, the company carries out periodic promotions with discounts and issues an interesting magazine.



Well, it's interesting to know on what camera the forum participants are taking pictures, what are the plans for buying a new camera and why?

If the topic seemed interesting and useful, do not hesitate to put your likes.

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