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Excellent news for miners. Ucrypto pool

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We have added new features to our website. Today miners can see a list of their payouts. To get this information, you need to enter the full wallet address on the pool web-page. Also, the miner's page for those who are offline is also available, but only for miners who have ever got the payment. We want to remind you that payouts on uCrypto.net pool are processed automatically every 2 hours. To receive the payout you need to reach the minimum amount, which you can find on our Home page or on the Pools page by clicking "OVERVIEW" button. Pay attention that the minimum payout is different for each coin. 
Have a profitable mining with uCrypto.net!🔨💰

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New week - good news! During weekends were found new blocks on the following pools: Expanse, Pirl, Musicoin, Ubiq.
At the moment, Nekonium coin is being actively mined on our pool uCrypto.net. Don't lose your chance, join our pool!

Have a profitable mining with uCrypto.net! Good luck=)

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Updates on uCrypto.net! For your comfortable using it was added the section Feedback on the main tab bar. Our Support team is working 24/7 and always ready to help you.
Also on the each pool was added the general Payouts information. You can see up to 100 last payouts, the amount of the sent payments, total paid amount, pending payments and coin's explorer.
All the Payouts information is available in the section Pools https://ucrypto.net/pools/

We are improving our pool service to make your mining comfortable, profitable and secure :)

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