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The idea:

2 players each ante into the pot their agreed upon bet (or if a player raises the other must call or forfeit the pot)

2 dice are rolled. each die has 9 10 j q k a on them

highest card or pair wins the pot, ties are then broken on next roll.

any tie rolls are null and ignored.



John has 100,000 satoshi in his bankroll 

He wagers 10k satoshi on the pot and waits for someone to accept his wager.

Bill accepts his wager, and bill has 100k also.

Bill now has the option to 'call' the bet and let the dice roll, or he can RAISE the bet -- 

at this point john must either CALL and match Bills bet, or he must FOLD and forfeit the pot without seeing the dice roll.

Maximum of 1 raise per roll allowed

maximum of 2 poker hands per duel session - barring tiebreaker situations.

==========DOUBLE OR NOTHING RULE========

If a player has lost both consecutive pokerdice hands in a duel, they may call 'double or nothing'

they are now risking 2x the total winnings of the entire session.

both players must click accept before double-or-nothing roll happens--or coinflipped...)



I think this would bring a new facet of dice-style play to the site, while also gaining some love from the card players who wouldn't have previously played.

I speak to players on poker sites on a daily basis who all tell me they would try dice games if it was less like numbers and more like pairs and hands of cards they could "read".

the poker feel of it just gives the illusion of skill-play.

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