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Prostitution - Honorable or Scum?

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Hey dear Primedicers..

I have a real spicy topic for you: Prostitution.

What do you think about it? Is it okay to share a bed with a “Sexworker” or not?

A lot of countries allow such work. Some completely. Some everywhere but not on streets. In some countries its illegal to do so.

As far as I know.. Poland forbids it. Its totally not allowed, but if you ever have the chance to visit Warsaw.. you will find small flyers like everywhere. So.. somehow its tolerated (would be nice if someone from Poland could give an exact information about that).

In Germany is prostitution allowed. Since two or more years its forbidden to do it on the street. So if you want to hook up, you have to use internet, locations or special streets (as widely known: Herbertstraße in Hamburg).
The only street in Germany where sexworkers can “work” on a street is the “Davidstraße”. Some are working on the “Hans Alberts Platz” in Hamburg.

What you also need to know about prostitution in Germany: It’s an accepted job here. Some think prostitution is a big no-no. I have quite knowledge of how it works in Hamburg (ended up talking with “Jasmin” as I was waiting for my friends – they were at rooms.. having fun).

She told me that it’s a highly controlled work. So they need to be registered for that job (so gov knows who is working legal – its also for stopping illegal prostitution which is sadly a point in Germany). Especially working on the David – and Herbertstraße in Hamburg, you need to leave your ID at the police department (Davidwache) while you’re working.

Short info… I’m not into that kind of sexual practice. I prefer the private way and not a way with a professional.

I also know from my work in a union, that there is a part in one union caring about the sexworkers in Germany. Fighting for their rights and so on.

My take on prostitution is that I’m okay with that. As long as its legal and a decision met by themselves. It’s a job and if you choose to do that job… go for it. I also do not judge anyone going to a prostitute.

You may wonder why I talked so much about Germany. I’m German. And I wanted to show you, how prostitution in Germany works. Its controlled and they’re fighting illegal prostitution here (girls from eastern Europe that are lured to Germany under false statements – not only happening in Germany btw.).


Now you’re on. What do you think about prostitution.. can you share stories or how it works in your country?

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