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How many registered afilliates do you have?

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I started primedice last May of last year and oh boy, I can say I am so hooked, not only in playing but because of the community and the support system too(super kind and friendly staffs?).

I am aware too that primedice has its own affilitate system. If people signed under your affiliate link and deposited and actually played, you will forever receive a comission of 10% from primedice house edge which is a very good compensation for inviting people to play in the site.

If you are lucky, really lucky, you might invite a very good money wasting gambler and wager more than 100btc in a week, then you will be rich in no time. 

In my hometown, my family barely know about bitcoin and that I gamble, so it is really hard to share my links to them(and of course I dont want them to get so addicted to playing as well).

So from the last few months, believe it or not, I just randomly messaged strangers in facebook and some got pissed and blocked me:P, but some signed under my affiliate link and oh boy, I got 20 registered accounts in a week. 

But with all those 23 registered users, unfortunately, are not good players or play under a small amount of satoshis only so i barely had more than 0.002 as comission.

But oh well, I had fun messaging them anyways:P

So, how about you,  how many new accounts were registered under you? Do you have more than 0.01 in your commission already?:)  I would love to know:) y

So this is mine, do not laugh ?:Pb



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