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conspiracy theory. Bitcoin is created by artificial intelligence!

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Who distributes this information on the Internet? At first they wrote that the bitcoins were invented by aliens, now artificial intelligence. In my opinion this is complete nonsense. The one who provides this information in my opinion seen a lot of fantastic movies about "SkyNet"and so on.xD

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Artificial Intelligence is transforming into Advanced Intelligence.

Hey Nymphetamine, this man Quinn Michaels, says that Bitcoin might have been created by A.I and claims that he knows only 2 or 3 people who would have  the knowledge to create Bitcoin. (The idea of cryptocurrency is not new, cypherpunks have been trying to do that since the early '90s, it just happened that Bitcoin was the one to make it.) He also analyses SingularityNet and he was one of the first to find out about it. It's worth searching imo, knowledge is always good. He talks about cryptocurrency and the coming artificial intelligence singularity. p.s he looks a bit weird in the videos because he was/is sick.


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Lol, personal I think thats crazy. Either say say some AI did create Bitcoin, that AI would have been made from a Human probably with the purpose of doing such a task. Maybe bitcoin was made by robots and will soon emit from everyones computers with the intentions to kill, but we will all be saved from another time traveling AI! 

In all seriousness I personally believe it was just made by some guy as some fun experiment or maybe with intentions of advancing Technology of miners/Gpu's or even just create a currency as it has become. I did some reading about the house market crashing and apparently someone thinks an anonymous letter sent about something along the lines that their needed to be a more efficient currency that would  prevent such cases. But that could all be bogus aswell. Who really knows all we can do is guess, maybe, hopefully one day the real creator Bitcoin will come out one day and give us some answers. 

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