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free coins every 24 hr

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On 19/01/2018 at 20:58, TheFrog said:

if u like to get some free coins every day go to  https://qoinpro.com/90ab66f5902229b004e380b95ae94121


Big probability that it's just a scam. Which will not be a surprise, giving free coins is ... suspicious at best ;)

Nothing to loose except the time to register tho. But some articles about it :




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Ive signed Qoinpro years ago.

It can be said it is a legit site, but with a catch.

The amount of coins they give you daily is sooooooo small that you never in a lifetime reach the withdraw amount, unless you get hundreds of referred users.

The amount of free coins you get rises with the age of your account, so when I logged in after about 3 years of not looking at it, it was a very unpleasant surprise the very tiny tiny microscopic amounts I had. I even think they substracted something when I was not looking, because when BTC was at 200 bucks each, how much they were giving me each day ???

 Just as a fake example, lets suppose they give you 1 satoshi free every day. It does not take a genius to realize that if say 50K satos is the minimum WD amount, you will never reach it. Even if the daily amount of satos increases 100% each year (I dont remember also the % of yearly increase).

Will try to search again my login info and post here the real info on their daily payouts, etc. .....



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The few who will have lots of affiliates will eventually (i emphasis the word) be paid but for most of the users that will never happen.

One of my friend registered to the site on the 1st october 2017, 4 months ago. He have 526 sats in his balance today = 4.4 sats/day.

The minimum amount to reach before withdrawing is 700.000 sats that's like ... 159.000 days or ... 435 years.

And they will take out 350.000 sats for the transactions fees, half of what you have win over that time.

And they still can modify the mini amount to withdraw, etc.

So even if they really pay that's just ridiculous. The system will only reward those who will have affiliates, so it's a lot like a ponzi scheme to me.

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