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Gambling saved FedEx! Sometimes you just gotta say ALL-IN!

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So you're running a small business. Trying to get it off the ground, but... that's not always easy right?

All kinds of problems can hit you, you can have problems with suppliers... problems with customers... damn small business can be tough sometimes. 

But there is one surefire problem that will quickly ruin your business altogether and that is cashflow! Worse than not having enough cashflow though, is not having enough money and no prospect of any coming in either. So what you going to do if this is you? How you going to make more money, when you need it to save your business?!

Well... this is the situation that Frederick W. Smith


(let's call him Freddy from here on out ) found himself in, in 1971. 

Freddy was (and still is) the FedEx CEO. 

Today FedEx is worth a lot of money... but back in 1971 there was a grand total of... $5,000 sitting in the company account, FedEx was practically busto. 

So what did Freddy do? Well Freddy did what any self respecting gambler would do. He took the $5,000 out of the company account, and headed to the casino!

Freddy was on a mission, a mission to save his company, and why not have a bit of fun when you're doing that at the same time?

He spent the whole weekend at the casino playing blackjack in Las Vegas. 

By the end of his marathon sessions he had turned the $5,000 into $32,000. What a legend.

The $32,000 was enough to keep the company afloat, and FedEx is now one of the most successful companies in the world.

Here's what FedEx is worth right now: 


Lesson learned smart people can win decent money gambling at the casino.

It's not over until the last card is dealt!

Freddy we salute you!


facts from: https://www.casino.org/blog/funniest-gambling-stories-ever-told/


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