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Legalizing marijuana

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Hey dear fellas!

What is your call on legalizing marijuana? Some states by now have already legalized this loved “drug” to the public. Crime rates went down, the people are more friendly and bla bla bla.

So in the Netherlands weed (or marijuana) is legalized for a longer time by now. You never hear something like “it kills.. they driving with a car” or similar (probably there are stories, entlighten me if you want).

Somehow legalizing marijuana in Germany has become a thing the last years. Every half year they’re talking about legalizing it. Some parties in the government want it, some not. Citizens are talking about “imagine if someone smokes weed and drives a car!!! That would be horrible”.

Well.. compare it with other legal drugs like alcohol. A lot of people drive a car under the influence of alcohol. A lot of people start beating up other people. Some are destroying randomly something (smashin a window, kicking something down, …). I think that you have the same responsibility with weed as with alcohol. You shouldn’t drive a car and I think the most weed smoker wouldn’t beat up anyone or destroy random stuff out of nothing.

Marijuana is often described as the drug as an entry for (other) drug abusing. Yeah, for myself I saw some people starting with weed and trying out speed or cocaine. But mostly they stay with weed and speed (f.i.) is a rare thing.

Me for myself haven’t smoked weed since years (2011). I just smoked a joint back in 2016.

I think weed should be legalized for different reasons. It’s a good source for tax and could destroy or manipulate the dealermarket. Also it probably bring a good quality to the market.

What is your call on it?



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I think eventually it will be legal here in New Zealand there has been talk that it could be legalized for medical use.

Although not for recreational use it's still a step in the right direction. Well I think so anyway! 😜

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they have proved the medicinal purposes of marijuanna help many sufferes of diiesease and symptoms..

 i have help a few people who needed for example cannabis oil... either with thc or without.. these frigging goverments shame on them .. 



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