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Funny Chat Moments

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Hello my Primedicers friends, 

I had that idea since a long time but i always forget to make a topic for it. It's Maybe useless or unworthy but i find it funny tho.

So I created this topic no to make fun of people or offence them, i did it for fun and to show how Primedice chat and community can be amazing!

Feel free to comment Public Primedice chat's screenshot and express yourself have fun! 

I will soon post more screenshots xD

Important: If i notice Any Offence in comments, I will report this user, please be respectful, this topic is just for fun 

Thanks to my beloved Primedice Community 






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6 minutes ago, Bojana said:

Love the topic, MrNice xD 

We have been planning to buy this cork board for a while now and make something similar in the office, so this would be an awesome opportunity to gather more ideas :D 

I'll share just some of silly ones I caught randomly :) 




in the very fat memory of carlos firetruck....

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On 12/09/2018 at 07:37, dmbadillo10 said:

I kinda miss these moments. 😭

I miss the Support staff having fun with the players. Technically, I'm missing the old PD chat. 😭😭😭

@dmbadillo10, we're still here, and on chat from time to time :D Our time just got a bit more limited due to the running Discord promotions and new obligations we have to handle, but we will try to pop into the chat more regularly ;) 

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