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ūüŹÜ Primedice #1 200k New Year Giveaway!!

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How to Join:

Follow the link to Bitcointalk Forum and Vote for Primedice https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1417922.0 then post a picture of your voting screen here on forum.

Pick a number from 0 to 99. If I roll the number you said you will be the winner.


This is how the proof looks like:

Sem título.png

(if you don't post a picture showing your Bitcointalk Username and showing Primedice Name in the Poll you are not eligible to win the prize)



The Prize:

The winner will get a 100k prize credited to his / her Primedice account linked to forum.

If Primedice reach the #1 place in the next 24h the prize will be double (you guys can decide in the comments if it should be 200k to a single winner or 100k to 2 winners!)



Numbers Already Taken:

04- wilberthh (Primedice)

05- bakha1988 (Primedice)

07- TheFrog (Primedice)  (Number taken on Telegram)

08- shinjo (Primedice)

12- keian (Primedice)

13- akki785 (Stake)

15- Han2x (Stake)

17- Kylor (Primedice)

19- Lexus19 (Stake)

23- Kargai (Stake)

24- Kurian (Primedice)

27- Xylber (Stake)

28- maverick528 (Primedice)

29- MrNice23 (Primedice)

37- darioleone

46- Mistletoe (Primedice)

55- johnjeff (Primedice)

66- oxywizard (Stake)

69- grifter

73- PARANORMAL (Primedice)

77- Mateusz (Stake)

88- Sukut (Primedice)

99- Noeprellik1 (Primedice)

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