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ūüŹÜ Primedice #1 200k New Year Giveaway!!

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How to Join:

Follow the link to Bitcointalk Forum and Vote for Primedice https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1417922.0 then post a picture of your voting screen here on forum.

Pick a number from 0 to 99. If I roll the number you said you will be the winner.


This is how the proof looks like:

Sem título.png

(if you don't post a picture showing your Bitcointalk Username and showing Primedice Name in the Poll you are not eligible to win the prize)



The Prize:

The winner will get a 100k prize credited to his / her Primedice account linked to forum.

If Primedice reach the #1 place in the next 24h the prize will be double (you guys can decide in the comments if it should be 200k to a single winner or 100k to 2 winners!)



Numbers Already Taken:

04- wilberthh (Primedice)

05- bakha1988 (Primedice)

07- TheFrog (Primedice)  (Number taken on Telegram)

08- shinjo (Primedice)

12- keian (Primedice)

13- akki785 (Stake)

15- Han2x (Stake)

17- Kylor (Primedice)

19- Lexus19 (Stake)

23- Kargai (Stake)

24- Kurian (Primedice)

27- Xylber (Stake)

28- maverick528 (Primedice)

29- MrNice23 (Primedice)

37- darioleone

46- Mistletoe (Primedice)

55- johnjeff (Primedice)

66- oxywizard (Stake)

69- grifter

73- PARANORMAL (Primedice)

77- Mateusz (Stake)

88- Sukut (Primedice)

99- Noeprellik1 (Primedice)

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31 minutes ago, AffiliateOnl said:

I hope I win, I have lost over 4k this week here :-( 

number 14


Untitled 3.jpeg

You did not vote so you can't win.. either you vote now and update your picture or you will not be able to claim the prize, even if I do roll the number you picked

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