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📢 Happy New Years from Primedice!

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Happy New Years from Primedice!

Name Cloud for 2017's biggest chatters.

Wow! 2017 flew by so quickly! Here's a little lyrical masterpiece put together to celebrate some of the most influential chatters and players of the year. We apologise that we couldn't add everyone! Happy New Years to all our beloved players and supporters. Let's make 2018 something special!

I hope you enjoy this little gift that I put together :) 



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6 hours ago, UltraChief said:

Best few lines

Bloom - trashme

giveme love - gideons (:D)

Happy New Year everyone! Boob Lovers Army!

I tried to fit you in somewhere in the second verse, but I ran out of time :( I wanted to do the entire song!

5 hours ago, Noahbreezy said:

I can't believe they forgot me in the video! ¬¬ xD 

Happy New Year everyone!! Make your wishes come true! Keep working and everything will be alright!!

Your name was hard to add in the song, but I tried :( Next year!

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