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What Christmas gift do you want this year?

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3 hours ago, Rene said:

My Christmas wish is to have just 1 btc so i can play with it on PD. That has been my wish for over a year now. Hopefully i get it this year.

If u have it, hope u won't get greedy n burst d 1BTC

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5 hours ago, bessiebeardsley said:

I wished to get a Macbook, but my parents decided to give me books. Well, books aren't a bad gift but I can't work with them, only read.

Well, use the books properly and you'll be able to afford tons of macbooks!:D

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For me ? anything that he or she can give or love to give. Gift really makes us happy, even its not what we want, but at least someone remember us and that means they love us. When we are the one who give gifts we are always thinking about what are that person like or wish, but dont forget that any gifts from our heart and the important thing is we will make them happy :) 


But for the milluon dollar question xD i have so much thing i want, but now, i want a job, job that i can be long enough and has a better salary to but what i want and not only depends on otjher people. :D

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