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3D design/modelling

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Hi guys ,do we got 3d designers here? :)

I'm also one of them, working with 3ds Max 2015 and using V-Ray (just playing with it ,need more work to understand it fully). Mostly designing older cars ,last week i tried to do some furniture.

Some of my works:






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Just now, MateuszHDHR1 said:

Damn look very nice, how long did it take to you to learn all this stuff?

Well, i started modelling somewhere in 2012, my friend helped me a lot with my first car wheel , and after finishing it ,I started working on my first car Audi 100 C3 :) It needs a lot of patience and time to master this.

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On 12/20/2017 at 04:48, BrunoT said:

Looks very nice indeed. How many hours did you put into those few pics?

Thanks :) It depends on various scene elements , if you use materials with a lot of options and maps , it gonna render very long time, but if you just put stock material with reflections adjustment it will take a few minutes. 

1,3 and 4th renders took less than 10 minutes to render, but that second took about 20-30min because of 2 highpoly cars, a lot of textures and else... :)

On 12/22/2017 at 09:28, Mistletoe said:

Wow. Nice. How long did this took you? Made one using blender and maya and it was a total crap xD its was a school project. We gotta make a 3d model of our face. I looked like a transformer cuz my face have pointy edges xD

Thanks! :) It took me a long time to master modelling , but still newbie at rendering :D

BTW for rounded and smooth face you just needed to use some modifiers which could avoid those pointy edges :D


Do we have more people here who modelling too? Don't be so shy , you're welcome here to show your tests or even projects! :)

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