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How much have you made from pay per post?

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21 minutes ago, eldrindcm said:

Haven't cashed out as well since PPP is back. Trying to become active again.

i also havent cash out also since ppp back. but long time ago i transfer some on my primedice account i think 0.005btc in over all total since i started here :) 


31/08/17 01:24 Debit -100,000

18/08/17 13:58 Debit -112,000

11/08/17 10:10 Debit -100,000

19/07/17 10:55 Debit -100,635

12/07/17 12:34 Debit -100,000

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I am not so active on forum so as to get a heart in chat. But I like whatever interaction I have with the community in forum. After pay per post is back, more relevant posts and more new members seeing on forum. Haven't cashed out since pay per post is back.

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Not really here to cash out. But I've won a fair amount of money from contests on here (which I all donated back to primedice xD)

I don't even look at the amount, I mean, hey, if you check back in a year and you end up with a nice amount from just being active in the community and enjoying yourself, hurray!  :x

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