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🏆 Christmas Support Roll Hunt

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Keep in mind this is those members who do not have 50 forum posts!


If you have warning points on Primedice Forum, you will not be considered eligible for this giveaway.

You should also have at least 50 posts Forum count, active Forum contributors are always appreciated. 


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Merry Christmas, Roll Hunters! :) 

I hope we didn't make it too hard for you with our odd numbers :D I want to thank you all for participating and to congratulate to the winners:

  1. Faris93 - 0.05 BTC
  2. PARANORMAL - 0.02 BTC
  3. Eugene265 - 0.01 BTC
  4. Asombroso - 0.01 BTC
  5. Chaitanya31 - 0.01 BTC

Sorry that some participants didn't reach the necessary Forum post count, but as rules imply, it was a much needed pre-requirement. We await you with next giveaways and you have time to make it up :) Participants with PD signature and avatar get 10k as well, thank you for staying faithful to the leading dice house ♥

Support wishes you happy holidays! :)

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