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Affiliate on homepages

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Sorry.. sometimes I just tell only the half of I actually want to.. 

You have an affiliate program on Primedice.. actually working like a referral. 

Do you offer adverts? I show your advert on my page and every click gets counted. If enough clicks came in, you pay me out. A simple advert campaign. (saw that on bitcointalk with Stake).

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well I don't know mean to be rude but getting paid for a click is not really smart, bot can be set to click on website, it will be a smart thing to do if you can get all your click to place your referral link that PD gave to you on your website. and you will get paid for every wagered amount your referral wagered.

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On 12/14/2017 at 14:51, CaptainLorca said:

Hey PD-Team!

Currently I'm working on a homepage, that is crypto orientated. I'm lookin for good affiliates.. do you only have the Affiliate in the PD Game or do you offer different affiliates when it comes to homepages?

Can you post your page to me in a PM. I am interested in seeing what you got going on as I am also building an affiliate page and looking for good programs.


I actually have something i am really excited about but out of respect will not post it on your post =D  but i would love to share in a PM!

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