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Your oldest Primedice memory

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......and here me thinking my oldest memory, which is yesterday morning while i was drinking my coffee and zapping through internet about bitcoins and what are they. I guess i sound like a guy who asks "what is FACEBOOK?" O.o


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7 hours ago, Pandemonium said:

First months I never spoke a word in chat my username was frankmb back then, but somehow @singpays tipped me. When I was up at a other site I came to PD to tip sing and he spread it all over chat. Since then I came back more regularly and grew attached to many more people on the site.

We actually know each other for eons :x

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PD was promoting at a certain time that one user got 1 BTC profit from faucet and without depoing (Singpays).

There was a debate in chat box if that promotion would bring an army of beggers and faucet farmers to PD instead of "normal" players.

Another memories, Hufflepuff of course, not only the bets but also chatting.

And Robinhood few time later, clearly something very strange was happening when somebody wins all his bets....

Of course to fully understand all that happened took me some time, until I read the article that Stunna published..... but the point is, I was there when it happened.





Another later memory is when one day I clicked on "live support" and found that instead of Mladen there were beautiful ladies......


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