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McDonalds or Burger King?

Burger King vs McDonalds  

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  1. 1. McDonalds vs. Burger King

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1 hour ago, ktfor57 said:

I have always eaten burgers at McDonalds. I am a veg and recently McDonalds has stopped veg burgers -_-

They stopped veg burgers? But I think they tasted.. not so good.

well.. bk and mcdonalds are not really made for veggies or vegans. I prefer subway :)! Finally in a few months a store will open in my city <3

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Mcdonanlds only because the closest BK near me makes sloppy burgers and soggy fries and nasty onion rings.

mcdonalds has a somewhat decent chicken burger and really their regular hamburgers (extra onions if your driving it you all know what i mean) with fry is a nice way to stuff the munchies since all the hotdog shops around me have closed up.

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Mcdonalds, because the serving staff are cuter :x

I don't know why this, but always seems to the be the case over here. 

As for the food... well Burger King is a bit more filling, but both are junk xD

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