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I Love 9900x

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On 18/01/2019 at 08:53, DreamStage said:

Very nice hits going on here, i still suggest a thing: Please just post screenshots so no one needs to go into other Casino site...

Anyway were you looking far into the 9900x payout profit or was it in a snap? How much you took to get that roll? @sourc3code

From @dre1982 we know it has been 2000 bets :D

Surprisingly I hit it in less than 50 rolls lol - Just got lucky that day and was feeling it :) 

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congrats men for these hits!!, not all people get win the 9900x in dice sites. the maximum number that i got for now is the 3300x and still waiting for  the 9900x with a good base bet. good luck 

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