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Satoshi Wars : play and win BTC

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Direct link to the webiste : http://www.satoshiwars.com/?ref=25759 (ref link, thanks)

What is Satoshi Wars ?

It's a very fun RPG game, it's different than usual faucet or cloud mining.

First you will win some Energy points with time. That energy is used to realize some "Missions" who will give you some Experience. That experience will help you to win some Levels who will allow you to complete higher and longer missions.

With every mission you complete you'll gain experience but alos some Gold. That gold can be exchanged against satoshis or invested in better buildings. The ratio is 1/0.62 (1000 gold for 620 sato)

At the beginning you'll start with 1 Gold Mine who give you a automatic bonus of 48 gold/day (without you even playing). But you can buy other ones to win more on a daily basis for 2500 satos.


Other little bonus :

  • you can win 10 gold avery 15-20min by claiming captchas (see the right column in "Properties")
  • you can win extra energy by filling a captcha (bottom of the left column in the "Missions" tab)
  • you'll win 10% of every claim by your affiliates

Withdrawals are sent to your registered Bitcoin address via your FaucetHub.io Account. The minimum limit for withdraw is 25.000 satos (not too high).

I'm still not at the withdraw limit so I can't say if the pay or not but as soon as I'll try it I will keep you update.

But it's still fun ;)

Ps: you'll help me to see if they pay or not by following my ref link so I'll thank you in advance if you do it !  http://www.satoshiwars.com/?ref=25759 

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5 minutes ago, Kargai said:

Прямая ссылка на веб-сайтhttp://www.satoshiwars.com/?ref=25759  (ссылка для ссылки, спасибо)

Что такое войны Сатоши?

Это очень забавная RPG-игра, она отличается от обычного сборщика или облачной разработки.

Сначала вы со временем выиграете очки энергии . Эта энергия используется для реализации некоторых « миссий », которые дадут вам немного опыта . Этот опыт поможет вам выиграть несколько уровней , которые позволят вам выполнить более высокие и длительные миссии.

С каждой миссией, которую вы закончите, вы получите опыт, но alos немного золота. Это золото можно обменять на сатоши или инвестировать в лучшие здания. Соотношение 1 / 0,62 (1000 золота для 620 сато)

Сначала вы начнете с 1 Gold Mine, который даст вам автоматический бонус в размере 48 золотых / день (без вас, даже играя). Но вы можете покупать другие, чтобы ежедневно получать больше 2500 сати.


Другой небольшой бонус:

  • вы можете выиграть 10 золотых avery 15-20min, требуя captchas (см. правую колонку в «Свойствах»)
  • вы можете выиграть дополнительную энергию, заполнив captcha (внизу левой колонки на вкладке «Миссии»)
  • вы выиграете 10% всех претензий со стороны ваших филиалов

Вывод средств отправляется на ваш зарегистрированный адрес Bitcoin через вашу учетную запись FaucetHub.io. Минимальный предел для снятия составляет 25 000 сат (не слишком высокий).

Я до сих пор не снимаю лимит, поэтому я не могу сказать, платите или нет, но как только я попробую, я продолжу обновление.

Но это все еще весело ;)

Ps: вы поможете мне увидеть, платят они или нет, следуя моей ссылке, поэтому я буду вам благодарен заранее, если вы это сделаете!  http://www.satoshiwars.com/?ref=25759 

I'm now your referral, thanks for the useful information!

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Thanks @Nimfomanka & @Kurian , really appreciated :)

Thanks @UltraChief :) I understand that if the project is just running like that for a year it's not a really great news, but if it's still paying that's already better. That mean the owner still send some funds there. Let's see and hope it will stay alive the time some of us withdraw something ;)

Edited by Kargai

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Thanks @reusue really appreciated :)

Just a tip for everyone : The next mission is available when you reach 50% of the previous one, so try to activate as soon as possible since the next will give you more gold (anf dinish the previous one when you have some energy unused)

The max energy you can stack is around 5 or 6, so you can came back every 30-60 min or just let a tab open in your browser and check it from time to time.

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Thanks to those 6 of you who joined my affiliate :)

Just 2 advices for earning more fast :

1. Don't under estimate the 10 gold bonus in the "Properties" tab. You can claim it every 30 min and If you do it only 5 times a day, it's 50 gold in bonus. Which is represents 10 times the Growing Even Bigger mission (last one of the "Digital Sociaty") which take 30 energy to have the same amount. A great time saver.


2. Be patient until you reach the end of "Digital Society"/ beginning of "The Real World". At this time you'll can stack up to 8-10 energy and every missions you'll claim will help you win around 20 experience points. You'll progress quicker. And it take me only 3 days to get there ;)

It's like some faucets, the first days are a little hard and boring but you'll grow more exponentialy with time.

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11 minutes ago, daemon7777 said:

Tried to register but did not get the activation email, should i create a ticket with support or does it usually take longer then 30 minutes or so ?

Don't really remember but i believe it's almost direct, maybe check your spam folder in case ?

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9 minutes ago, Kargai said:

I'm not at the withdraw limit for now but when i'll reach it i'll let you know what happen ;)

UltraChied earlier in this thread said he withdraw from time to time, so lets wait ;)

OK .I will continue and move on in Satoshiwars, later we'll see what happens.

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Just a quick and probably last update about this faucet. It will be put down one month from now. 5th May 2018 will be the last day of the faucet.

The owner (who also maintain the site Faucethub.io) just don't have the time anymore to manage the dozen websites he own. So he will put down most of them to focus his efforts on Faucethub.io.

For this last month the withdraw limit is lowered a lot (from 25.000 sats to 5.000 sats).

That's sad because if you had been patient for the first months, buying "Mines" little by little it was a good faucet. This last month I made 25.000k a month in autopilot, doing absolutely nothing, not even claiming one single captcha. So this month will me my last "free" 25.000k from there :(

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