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📢 Account Recovery Process

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We want to notify you that we will start requesting even more data when it comes to recovering your account. 

If you want to make your account more secure, please enable 2FA and set a strong password (combination of numbers, letters and symbols). Also, set a recovery email. 

Here is how you can enable your 2FA:

This goes without saying, do not share your login data with anyone. 

If you get an offer/suggestion to use any script, or if you are advised with the usage of an unknown VPN, please, report it to support. Do not share your account with anyone, only you should have access to it.

Do not trust the "winning strategies" you find on YouTube, etc. You can find a lot of strategies here on the forum. 

Please, be more careful with remembering your password and having access to the 2FA app, or make sure you have ALL the necessary data needed to confirm the ownership of an account. 
One of the most important account recovery steps will be to sign a Bitcoin message.
Otherwise, you will not be able to regain access to the account.

Coming to the support chat with inaccurate account data will be considered as an attempt to steal someone's account and those persons will be banned, and also blocked on the support chat.

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