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Found this on Bitcoin Talk

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21 hours ago, Mistletoe said:

Yep. In this video, hes like "wow. I win." I was like.. "Thats all??? Thats all you can say???" xD

Hahaha, that guy really didn't care about those 2btc! I'd like suddenly believe in the existence of God. xD 

21 hours ago, Zephiera said:

Yes it would be better if always lend a hand to the needy. If theysre supporting an organization while they are throwing some then I'd be cool with that.

21 hours ago, Mistletoe said:

I guess all we can do is sit and watch. :D 

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16 hours ago, Zephiera said:

@Mistletoe haha maybe he is on his alts or transferred to Stake.?

@Noahbreezy lol since that day are you prating on tour bets??

@MegaBetz me too! I know that 1k sats is very small but I feel happy everytime I win the bet ?. The guy in the video maybe is the same but on a different amount lol

maybe? who knows :D


13 hours ago, merlyn22 said:

i cant breath watching his vid :o... during he bet his last 2btc good choice of side... wow that was intense

yeah its like a price a of a car here. while 2btc is a house. it really will make your heart o cray cray xD

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25 minutes ago, WYME said:

If like me you dont have time to log onto various sites every 5min or per hour, then the below site is worth checking out, you receive a free bonus of many different virtual currency regardless if you log in that day or not,, just check it once per week or whenever, some of the newer virtual currency are included here and even though most are worthless today, we dont know what they might be worth in 5yrs time,, just look at Bitcoin ::D , check it out


don't click this link. its a bait.


@Bojana help. :D thank you

Edited by Mistletoe

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How to make someone jealous 101. 

Lets face it, he could've lost it all with that 2 BTC roll when he had 2 BTC but he was ballsy enough to do it and it netted him profit. Y'all talk about automated betting and strategies while the people making real profits are the ballsy bettors.

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