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Music Giveaway  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to have a weekly Music Giveaway here on Forum?

    • Yes, every weekend right after Oleg Stream
    • Yes, every weekend 30 mins before Shinjo's Stream
    • No, I don't like this kind of giveaways

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Yesterday I did run a Music Giveaway (check the topic bellow) and in around 30 mins of giveaway we had over 250 topic views.. Sadly as there were not so many users around we had many rewards going to the same winner so I would like to listen from you guys if you like this kind of giveaway and, if you do, which is the best time for you.. We have a poll above so please vote and feel free to leave a comment bellow if you have any idea in how to help us to improve it and how to make it an amazing giveaway for everyone :x



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22 minutes ago, Noahbreezy said:

lol, I'd love to know who said he doesn't like giveaways!

OFF Topic you know you can click on the 1 vote - See who voted for this...

About the giveway itself i agree it's great to have it.

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On 11/11/2017 at 09:47, Bojana said:

You can spice it up by adding screenshots from popular videos as well, interchange btw lyrics and visuals... just a suggestion B| I like the initiative :x

Sounds like fun, I like @Bojanas idea as well!

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4 hours ago, NormalPerson said:


I like this giveaway,too. What time we will start?


42 minutes ago, PARANORMAL said:

this is not yet decided, voting is in progress

Not only cause the voting is still open but I am still trying to get a sponsor for this game so maybe we could do in both times (after Oleg and before Shinjo's stream) and maybe even extend to Stake... who knows :D 

Even it being only once a week but it still would cost from 400k to 600k each week, which means from $130 to $165 a month (based in actual btc price) and that's a lot for me to sponsor alone at the moment :P 

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