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How to remedy a black eye

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1 minute ago, mgod said:

Try placing an ice to the affected area. Once it heals, punch back the one who gave you that black eye.

Thanks bro, hopefully it will heal fast, that is why I hate to referee a fight.

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18 hours ago, reusue said:

Any suggestion in a fast remedy for a black eye caused by a punch?

i slipped on the floor batter my face i had bruise. then i massage it until lessen the pain and i notice my bruise become less dark

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Treatment for black eyes: a Compress of onions – the best way to eliminate bruising, especially if swollen eyes. Grind 30-40 g of vegetable, add 15 g of baking soda, leave for 25 minutes. The slurry was put in a bag of fine natural fabrics, apply to the bruised place to keep 30-50 minutes sessions 2-3 times a day. To prepare a solution of 10 g of salt and 100 ml of warm water, cool. In the liquid to moisten the gauze, apply to the bruise over the eye, the compress can be kept for 1-2 hours. The honey will help to remove the hematoma on the eyelid – mix 15 g of flour, olive, sunflower or flax oil, bee product, add 2 raw quail yolk. Spread the mixture on affected area, leave for 3 hours.

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