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Play Badminton

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52 minutes ago, Ssociety said:

I love this sport :) unfortunately now I have no time to play this sport anymore ..

why bro? you should spend a hour to play some sports / day. dont  work full day. 

10 minutes ago, rembo2 said:

I constantly play with my son in badminton. We like this game.


My childhood is associated with badminton. but now  busy all the time. cant play everyday 

On 7/11/2017 at 18:11, PARANORMAL said:

I played badminton for a very long time ago. Now I want to play it again. 

just do it bro, dont say want. lets do :D have fun when back to " long time ago " 

1 hour ago, Anjenette said:

I love playing badminton before :D

beautiful girl :P  so now do you still play this ? 

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