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To condom or not?

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Do condoms really take away feeling during intercourse? 

A lot of sources say that is just a myth, and its used as an excuse for a guy to not wear a condom...

What is the real reason behind men not wearing condoms? If some say it doesn't affect pleasure at all and some say it takes away the feeling?

On the flip side women feel confused if a guy refuses to wear a condom because they wonder about their values about safety and prevention of STD's

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Nobody replied? I'm a man. I have answers.. from my POV:

1. I never have intercourse with a stranger woman without a condom. Even not if I know a woman for a long time. But its a different thing in a relationship.

2. It is different.. hell it is different :D.. but.. its not like, there is suddenly only dead meat down there. Still pretty good.

3. I dunno.. maybe the subconscious will to procreate?

Hope my answers helps :)

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