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CSGO SKIN Gambling

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Have any other users ever heard of CSGO Skin Gambling (Counter Strike Global Offensive).  Basically in this first person shooter game, there are different skins and looks for you guns and knives in the game.  Those items have a value in the real world, and THOUSANDS  of people are online gambling them at this very moment.  I have lost 10s of thousands of US dollars gambling csgo skins.  Sometimes losing 1000 bucks in one bet.  Here are some of my stats from a popular website.

Here is one of my bigger wins recently







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Have tried to figure this out in the past but run into a wall abit. Got funds sitting in steam, I guess I just need to learn how to play the game to get me some keys,skins to roll with.

Would cool if there was a guide to hold hand well I figured this out.:D

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i would lok at WAX token if i were you. billionaire investing big in it. it wil be the #1 token/coin people will use to buy skins


Billionaire Mike Novogratz regarding @WAXToken. "There are more people that buy and sell digital clothing than there are that buy and sell #bitcoin and all #cryptocurrencies combined."


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