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USA vs North Korea

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"With President Trump visiting South Korea on November 7-8, some people believe that will be a catalyst from some kind of response. The foreign minister of North Korea has intimated there could be an atmospheric nuclear test - maybe that could happen during President Trump's visit."

Recently, the situation has become very hot. What do you think will happen soon? Is there really a war?

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How I see it....

I look at all these areas around the world wanting independence in some form (Catalonia,Kurds,etc.) and you see that the world makes all their agreements based on economic downfall.

Knowing that disruption is not good for business tells me that North Korea will eventually settle in some form. Its just not good for business unless it some how strips rights of the people and increases profits all around. Otherwise North Korea dropping a bomb on the USA does little for anyone and Kim is not that bat shit crazy or they would have taken him out as a risk.

End of the day, the bomb drops it was a good life and we move to the next. I am not going to sweat it if you watch South koreans just going about business, why shouldn't I?

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4 hours ago, PARANORMAL said:

If the war begins all of us will not be to laughing. It will affect all of us.

must of us are yet to realise that, if the war broke out today, your countries will support their allies, and young guys would be force into military

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