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📢 Pay Per Post is Back!

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Hi All,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of Pay Per Post to the Primedice Community. Previously we had issue's with the quality of content and the abuse of the system, but those times are now gone! We have revamped the system to take into account the following factors:

  • Existing Post Count & Rank - The more content you post, the greater your payout.
  • Length of Topic/Post - Short and meaningless topics/posts will no longer receive credits.
  • Copywriter/Plagiarism Check - Your post is processed to ensure its not stolen.
  • Warn Level Factor - Your warning's influence the payout ratio per topic/posts.
  • Forum Filter - Only certain areas of the forum produce forum credits. These will change over time, and will be something you have to hunt on your own.

We have also added a couple of other nifty features under the hood to help properly reward those users who have shown existing participation and influence in the community. I hope with this update we can see the growth of the community grow bigger and better once more!

For further explanation of how the system works, see this topic:

All information on how Pay Per Post works, and how to cash out your satoshi, visit this topic:


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Welcome back Pay Per Post and welcome back to those users that gone inactive for some time. Thank you PD Team. Good luck everyone, enjoy and don't spam xD

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