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Which is best Angular Js, React or Vue.Js

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I had experience with the old Angular.js built some front end applications and it was really intuitive and fun, until Angular team descided that they want to make a radical architechture change they came up with Angular 2 (in Typescript - the future of Javascript) that is completely incompatible with Angular 1. So all components built for angular 1 now has to be rewriten for angular 2. 
I want to build another web app, i started something with angular 4, still learning it..
I have no experience with the other two frameworks (React and Vue.js).

The things that important for me about the framework:
* Build new components is intuitive and fast
* Alot of pre-built components i can use or extend (using my custom component for example)
* Fast in production as application grows - I know angularjs sucks because its change detection mechanism.
* Support building native apps (android, ios etc..)

Please share your thoughts what you think is the best

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React, hands down! Have used all three and React.js is my go-to. Feel like coding with React is much more fluid, and it's easy to write reusable components with it, so that as a project develops and these "building blocks" have been set up, you can continue to make progress quicker and quicker. Let me know if you have any React-specific questions if you decide to check it out. Also, look into Stephen Grider's React/React-Native courses on Udemy. Really great stuff.

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