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Happy Birthday

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How old is your daughter? If she's telling you to give her this or that, then it's the time to give it to her. Just give her what she wants or her favorite.


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Here are 5 things you could give her:

  • A night she will never forget ;)
  • Go on a weekend/week trip with the family, make sure you do some fun stuff. Not just sightseeing, kids find that boring. :D
  • Simply invite friends of her and throw a big party. B|
  • Give her what she always talk about, like a pet or something. Think well for this one, don't just give kids what they want. It might cause problems later. 
  • If she's old enough, give her her first phone or Ipad like  @MrKnight8686 said. Make sure to tell her that it costs a lot of money and she won't get another one for the next 2 years.

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