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BTC Heat Scam Challenge

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29 minutes ago, Carollzinha said:

I like your topic name lol

lol... I like your name :3

2 hours ago, eldrindcm said:

They'll just earn with the ads if you keep visiting them. They are earning but you're not, don't waste your time :D

:D maybe or not :).. i put it on my vps :) no problem

2 hours ago, MegaBetzZz said:

good luck bro

Tks you

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On 10/27/2017 at 11:55, RabMalfoy said:

Try something else. this one is proven scam xD

Go go my balance now is : 0.02206235.

When i login again, someone play for me 140 spins :).. love ya....

Find out the code numbers.php... on your website then put this code for console on google chrome... :) Autospin 1000 for 10s.

for(i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
    $.get( "numbers.php?id=<your ID>&uhash=04410942&uhash2=1508289680");


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On 10/25/2017 at 16:54, bakha1988 said:

BTC heat its a scam, video avialable on youtube, after 0.02 reach you dont win anything

There is no such thing.
You keep winning , it's just the rate that decreases. Which actually, unlike all other people; makes me feel that it's not scam.

Anyhow, we'll see. Atm i'm at 0.02212628BTC << which actually proves that you keep winning after 0.02 hmm

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2 minutes ago, Ssociety said:

for how long are you playing that site? .03 is so high 

3 weeks.
Yes it is high, and the amount of time that will take you to get 0.03 btc is reasonable i guess.

There is no such faucet that you can collect 0.03BTC from  in less that 1 month at-least.

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