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DC or Marvel

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If you compare the comics and the general global plot (globalku), etc., then I prefer what is in favor - DC. There are several reasons for this:

1) In DC, supervillains are tougher and steeper, and the characters as described above are "humanized", but this is not true, although the heroes have many weaknesses, but they do not have human strength, say Batman and Joker, the most primitive couple and there is clearly the Joker in new 52 Batman arranged such that the enemy would not wish

2) In DC, almost all global events clash with decoupling and epic (Examples: Flashpoint, the darkest night, the crisis on endless lands, night of owls, etc.)

3) In DC multifaceted multi-version

But if we talk about movies, then I take off my hat to - Marvel. Marvel films were almost always epic, tragic and funny. In DC they wanted to keep their dark and dark narrative style, which repels.

And now Cartoons, here is also a controversial matter, but on the viewed spectrum of cartoons as a child, and now it is nostalgic for old retro cartoons, then my voice will go to - DC. In DC they pull cartoons from the saga - the League of Justice and Batman.

It’s going to be difficult about the series because I don’t watch the series at all and for this I asked 2-3 friends who look at it. Two said that Marvel’s series are of high quality, one couldn’t reach out to them that DC is better. And I give this to the ball MARVEL.

As in my opinion there were crossovers, which really did not show who wins from the universe. And I remember the current 2 crossovers:
1) Superman vs. Hulk

2) Marvel vs. DC

On him, too, draw = / ...

Now there is already a subjective opinion, I tend to “drumming” - Marvel. I'm sorry, DC pushes me with its grim tone, and Marvel is light and light 😁

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Generally Marvel, but I must say I've been very pleasantly surprised by DC's Doom Patrol recently.

It's wacky and way out there but I loved it.  😍Crazy Jane😍

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I am not a lover of films, so I will watch both because not someone who likes to compare. but I really like the avengers movie that has a good flow. so if told to choose I will choose marvel

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Obviously Marvel. I watched about all the movie they made ever. Their themes are really different from the reality but when you saw it, you have to believe it! Love those superheroes.

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