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Dog or cat or other?

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I'm thinking that since starting out on my own in a new place that it's kind of lonely :(. For someone who doesn't want a high maintenance pet but still wants to have some company what do you guys recommend as a pet? I'm home fairly often so taking it out and about wouldn't be an issue, I'm just wondering what would be a good energy level (and what kind of pet) would be the best option for me?

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Cats doesn't require that much of maintenance like they know where to poop and they know how to clean their selves but the down side is i doubt you can play fethcy fetchy and?stuffs with them.

Small Indoor type dogs is the ideal if you want a buddy that you can play and walk with in the afternoons. Shitzu for example

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On 17/01/2019 at 12:44, kyxap said:

All animals are good. I think cats and dogs can be tamed and they get along well at home. Mostly only stray cats do not like domestic dogs. And some people even keep pigs at home, because it is scientifically proven that pigs are smarter than dogs.

I would still go for Dogs if i need some kind of inside protection? :D

Else im ok in having a cat with me, it makes me calm in hard situations.

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