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1XBet - Best odds, free streaming, livebetting ... with BTC - Bonus for you

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Hi everybody

I'm member of 1xbet commercial team. We see an expansion of BTC and it will be the future money on bookmaker.
I have a link for new players on 1xbet bookmaker. Obviously, you can deposit by BTC. Why to choose 1xbet ?

You have 130% bonus with this link : http://refpazcx.xyz/L?tag=d_42591m_97c_&site=42591&ad=97 (bonus boosted)
All football, NFL, baseball, tennis, rugby games are available on streaming for 0
You can ben on everything as 3rd icelandic division football, virtual games, ITF Challenger tennis

How ?    Open this link : http://refpazcx.xyz/L?tag=d_42591m_97c_&site=42591&ad=97   (bonus boosted)
Create a new account in 1 minute by mail or phone number
You can directly deposit with BTC but enter your exact informations (as adress in your ID card...).

If you have a question, contact me here or by mail at :  kevin.azeredo@etu.unistra.fr

GL all


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13 hours ago, Sharpeye468 said:

Interesting! I might just check this one out even though I'm a fairly casual sports fan. Thanks for sharing and I hope the site does well by expanding into BTC betting!

yes it is of course, do you need help?

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