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🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!

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Sadly a lot of people are using forum.stake.com only now despite being a big part of the Primedice community.

Let's reboot this forum. From now on I'll take care of this forum a bit more whilst Dan focuses on Stake's.

To get things started, post 5 topics & 20 posts in the next 7 days and you'll be credited 0.001 BTC. First 100 people only. 

If support have any suspicion you're not a legit member of the Primedice community and are botting/multi accounting you won't be credited. To enter simply post your username once you're done.

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Please, everyone, post your Primedice username here, and as the requirements state, once you have contributed to the Forum only, so that we could keep track. You have 7 days for a valid contribution, and meaningless spam will not be tolerated or accounted for. Be careful not to earn warning points in the process as well, and vary your sections, do not concentrate on one only -_- 

Show us how much you love PD forum and let's make it great again!

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3 hours ago, Kristoffff said:

Username: Kristoffff

Doubt I will manage 5 topics but just incase :D

A whole week, Kris, there's time ;)

2 hours ago, ravenyvolle said:

Username: Ravenyvolle


i am sure i can't do this and be active anymore because of work:) But still joining haha 

Why not, raven, requirements are pretty simple, and you have always been an active member of the community despite all? :x

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