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50 rolls for a chance to win 0.035 Bitcoin - NO registration or deposit required

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This website BTC HEAT will give each newly registered member 50 rolls for a chance to win Bitcoin, ranging from three thousand satoshis to 0.035 BTC in one roll. Here's what I've won tonight without a deposit, it's definitely worth a try.



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6 minutes ago, Faris said:

Scam ???

It's not a scam site, withdrawals work when you reach the withdrawal limit -I've been able to do it in as little as six hours. They take 24 hours to verify, but are always sent in my experience.

Honestly the withdrawal limit is sort of high, but it's that way so people can't drain their bank - if everyone that visited the site could make $15 in a few minutes and withdraw they'd go broke pretty quickly.

1 minute ago, Checkpoint said:

Wtf minimal withdraw is 0.03??

I've made .0124 in three hours, it's high but not unreasonable. The site does sort of work like a pyramid scheme, but if you go through the trouble of getting extra spins it's easy to get the minimum withdrawal amount in a day or two. In my case, six hours has been the shortest amount of time it's taken to withdraw.

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