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On 15/03/2018 at 20:56, Kargai said:
  • Hawks - Hornets
  • Rockets - Clippers
  • Anthony Davis : 25+ points
  • Damian Lillard & Lebron James : 20+ points

3 on 4 for this one. Davis didn't make 25 points but only 21 :( Still not bad.

Today there is some interesting match-up that I spotted :

  • Bucks - Hawks
  • Blazzers - Pistons
  • Suns - Warriors
  • Bulls - Cavaliers
  • James Harden : 25+ points
  • Lebron James : 25+ points
  • Giannis : 25+ points

I don't take too much risk on the games because it's a combo, so to win something I need to have the 4 games right. And with all the injured players the GSW have a decent odd. In total 3x payout if everything go according to nthe plan ;)

For the players points I took some chances, 25 points is around 1.35x payout on average each.

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I made some bets for this night ;

  • Wizard - Spurs
  • Rockets - Bulls
  • Warriors - Pacers
  • Lebron : 20+ points
  • Lillard : 20+ points

Wizard are in a funk right now and even if the Spurs are not very good outside they need the victory. Rockets must win easy. And Pacers ... it will be hard but with all the injuried players at Golden State and the fact that Indiana need the win to try to take the 4th spot in the East. I can see them playing hard for the win.

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Both series will go into game 7. Houston is without CP3 for game 6 tonight so I expect GSW to win with at least 10 points difference. Also if he doesn't recover in full for game 7 GSW will be clear favorite's in that game as well.


As for Boston - Cleveland, home court was crucial for both teams so far in playoff. There will be a lot of pressure on young guys in Boston so looking forward to see how will they react as all of them are first time in this situation. Cleveland players played awfully in Boston during this series so they need to step up, LBJ can't win on his own.

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Yeah, without him everything falls on Harden and he has proven in the past that he chokes in these situations. He had 0-11 from 3 point line in game 5.It was CP3 and Gordon who pushed the team. CP3 should be back for game 7 but it is a question in which condition and how much he will be able to provide.


As for East, we will see if Boston's fort will hold again, so far all wins at home in playoff. They are positive surprise for me.

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No need for the question anymore ;) 

Boston did their best, they made an awesome playoff run withtout Hayward & Irving but the inexperience of their young players made them crumble in some games like Rozier & Brown on this last one. I believe they deserve more the qualification then Cavs but lebron was just really great all serie long anwe saw the revelation of the youngsters. Tatum was just phenomenal, Brown and Rozier were huge even if they lack consistency. Morris & Horford were strong and Smart was hungry. I believe they have a bright future for next year.

On the other hand the injury of Chris paul is at the worse moment and I can see GSW joigning the Cavs to another same finals as usual. Pretty boring imho, they will murder the Cavs if it's the case.

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It all depends on the statistics of the player. Injuries and so on. But basically, I bet on the totals by express.

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