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Last man standing 25k Giveaway

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As there is no 69 I am 66 :P 



38 minutes ago, iliedobrii said:

not really fair, had to create my account and so on, and when i got in here all number are gone, not fair if only 10 get to play give more chances for more people . or share between more winners

How old are you? Crying for a giveaway? His giveaway, his rules.. also a forum account should do the first thing you even before joining a gambling website.. or you are that kind that 1) join, play, win and then pray to get paid? 2) join, bust and then cry saying the site is scam? or 3) join the site and start to ask about everything to everyone (and trust in what they say) instead of just log in the forum and check the truth yourself?

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carollzila take 6x.xx but you can take next 6x.xx in next Last man standing :


Rules are simple first 10 people pick up number 0x.xx 1x.xx 2x.xx 3x.xx 4x.xx 5x.xx 6x.xx 7x.xx 8x.xx 9x.xx

After 10 people entry i roll dice number i hit is OUT ! last on board win 25k

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