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📢 Cool new feature!

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I rarely see anyone with this feature in chat lately, I had it once and then it was gone in the same span of time. Think one person has had it in the last 3 days that I saw after seeing a lot of people having it. Maybe they shelved this aspect for now to add into another promotion.


Spoke to soon, I got a blue heart today but I chatted by accident.:ph34r:

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3 hours ago, Denya123 said:

Just typed in chat and didn't expect that emoji appear. That was cool!

@Denya123, thank you for your contribution to the Forum and good luck in the following giveaway. Just be careful not to spam the Forum too much at once and receive a warning points for this, which is a feature that can disqualify you from all the giveaways to come. The contribution to the Forum can be more slower and steady, during the whole day; you will earn the blue heart to boast on chat and collect the necessary points for giveaway, there is still enough time ;) 


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On 9/21/2017 at 13:52, Dan said:

Hi All,

Today's update includes some cool new chat flair to show off when talking to others on Primedice. Those of you who are active on the forum, will receive a special ? emoji next to there name as a sign of appreciation for your contribution to build this amazing community. Currently the activity meter is determined by activity over a 24 hour period, but we will actively monitor this to see what is best suited to this cool new feature. 

Thank you once again for being great ambassadors of Primedice, much love!

Edit: For those who haven't refreshed your Primedice window, you may need to give it a quick reload to be able to see the emoji.

I wish my VIP badge will become xolor Black hehe.

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