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MinerGate is ideal for any on willing to start on bitcoin mining. MinerGate is probably the easiest way to mine cryptocurrenies.

Does anyone use minergate ? If so what do you mine and what do you think is currently the best altcoin to mine with CPU only ?

I just started today and picked Monero to try it out .


It has a refferal system also but i will not post one until i am sure it pays out.

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9 minutes ago, bakha1988 said:

your system 40h/s  you can mine only 50$ per year

Its just a tryout i will enable all 8 cores when i wont be using the pc to see how it goes. Am not sure about the pool they have yet. Also not sure about the reward system. Thats why i posted maybe someone else does.

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You guys were right. As it turns out even 8 core single CPU is worthless with full capacity.

Unless you have a computer setup that either has at least :

Multiple Xeon processors (CPU)

At least 4 graphics cards (GPU)

or any combination of those, you will probably not even be able to mine enough to pay the electricity it consumes.

So i called it quits. 

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