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Where do you spend your bitcoin?

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Since there aren't a lot of stores that directly accept Bitcoin right now, I spend bits of it on gift cards to use at stores I frequent.

Though I'm careful never to spend too much of my stockpile - after all, I'm in this for the long haul, so I want to make sure I'm always holding some!

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9 hours ago, Mistletoe said:

Haha yeah i used to participate in such groups when I was still a fetus. Im a baby now Ive changed. :D

HAha, and when you were embryo you were the President of the USA! xD That's what we can call a magnificent career!

7 hours ago, DreamStage said:

Possible will reach 10k this year and maybe drops down again

Drop down to how much you think? 8k or even less?

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4 minutes ago, Mistletoe said:

Wow are there many app like that there or stores that accepts btc already?

Didnt know btc is a thing in germany now.

I have no clue.. absolutely not.. but I would bet that you find a lot if you google it.

well.. BTC wasn't so much in a central interest. But lately our banks are freaking out about this currency and even warn the people. A lot of news about it. Don't know where this comes from so suddenly, haha.


Well. this service app implemented it in july.. some stores in the bigger cities accept BTC.. even in my small city are 3 companies (mostly IT) accept them. Which is great somehow xD

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